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A place to

Free 2 Week Membership

Homework Café Club

Family stressed by homework? Ready to take the home out of homework?  Our Homework Café Club at the Fusion Learning Center offers a next-level space where students can work on homework before bringing it home.

With the help of our expert academic team, students will receive extensive support in a fun and encouraging community environment five days a week.

Membership in the Homework Café Club offers a great place to work on projects plus all of the following benefits:

  • Instant Homework Support
  • State-of-the art workspace
  • Social Café and Quiet Café
  • Discounted one-to-one tutoring in all subject areas with experts
  • Customized scheduling and drop-in
  • Guest passes for friends
  • Discounts for siblings
  • Access to science labs and professional music and art studios
  • Consistent Communication home

Learning Center

A Learning Center Designed for Your Child

The Fusion Learning Center offers a personalized educational experience designed to deliver academic success for your child. Our Homework Cafe Club, along with Tutoring, Mentoring, and Coaching support are all available in customized packages built to meet the individual needs of each student, and each family. Discover what is possible!

Your child can explore new creative and educational opportunities while determining the best way for them to learn and grow as a student.

Get The Support Your Child Needs to Succeed!

Some subjects don’t come easily and can become a barrier to success – academically and emotionally. That’s why we offer one-to-one tutoring. Our personalized approach allows us to focus on areas of difficulty and help students understand and feel confident about the material.

We offer various packages for one-hour tutoring sessions to help your student in core subjects, electives, and more. Students can use tutoring to accelerate in a subject, catch up, or try enrichment programs not offered at their local school.

  • Fusion can support tutoring in over 250 different subjects.
  • Skilled with Gifted and Talented and Accelerated learners
  • Strong support for students with learning differences
  • Enrichment
  • Daily communication home
  • ACT, SAT, PSAT Test Prep

Tutoring / Mentoring

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Athletes have coaches, why not students?  Fusion’s Academic Coaching Program provides your child with a dedicated academic expert to manage key habits for success in today’s hyper-competitive school environments.

Academic coaching focuses on learning and life skills across the board to develop a personalized short term and long term plan that students can use in middle school, high school, college, and their careers.

Sign-up for Fusion Learning Center’s exclusive Academic Coaching Program and let our expert educators handle this constant battle.

  • Academic Expert
    An academic expert who will communicate directly with your school and the teachers on a consistent rhythm. They will design a plan of attack for the week, the month, the semester, the year.
  • Consistency
    Their coach will check the school’s homework website to view all assignments and projects that are due. They will walk your child down the path to consistent completion.
  • Goal Setting
    Coaches will partner with both the student and the family to understand current and future educational goals and provide suggestions and a plan to exceed them all.
  • Mentoring
    Coaches build deep relationships and become mentors and confidantes​


Do you seek to better understand the natural world? Are you curious? An explorer who enjoys puzzles? Do Math, Engineering, and Art excite you? Our STEAM programs prepare students to get a deeper look at all aspects related to our ever-changing world. These are our innovators, educators, and learners of the 21st century!


Understanding the sciences is necessary for interacting with and making informed decisions about our complex natural world. Fusion encourages students to engage in scientific inquiry, and to apply scientific principles through a wide range of authentic lab and classroom experiences. Students come to valid conclusions and recognize that science is an exciting, dynamic and iterative process of exploration, experimentation and analysis.


Our technology programs provide students an opportunity to gain experience with coding, programming, robotics, engineering, prototyping, and virtual reality. Students will create experiences in which they design and develop tools for problem solving through creativity, collaboration, and communication.


Our engineering programs show students how scientific concepts are the basis for applications to everyday problems, and allows students to experience experiments with these principles. Students can design, build, test, and finalize real projects with actual function.


Do you love bringing art into the world? Students with a passion for creativity can broaden their artistic abilities with more than 50 applicable courses geared around creative writing, computer science, visual arts, and music. Students can create portfolios and learn skills to help them pursue a future in these creative fields.


Knowledge of mathematics is essential to success in the 21st century workplace. At Fusion, students learn to take responsibility for the math they explore by understanding theorems, using formulas and techniques with accuracy, testing their results, and using technology appropriately. Students also learn the concepts behind mathematical operations to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the language of mathematics, and explore opportunities to apply their understanding of mathematics more broadly.


Fusion offers our students a unique opportunity to become independent, lifelong learners. In partnership with COGx, a research and development firm in applied cognitive science, we offer individualized programs that help students discover and apply the scientific principles that underpin successful learning while strengthening their own learning abilities through a proven methodology that improves attention, working memory, processing speed, critical thinking, and executive functioning.  This ultimately expands your child’s capacity and desire to learn, promotes autonomy, and helps them with time management. The outcome is a confident and capable learner.

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